Product information:

Can I sell my kids clothing?

Most definitely! We can't wait to help you out! You can either sell them yourself via the platform, or ‘donate’ your items via The Drop Off. 

Are all the products on your website in good condition?

We guarantee that every product on our website is in good condition. Bear in mind that they have lived, and were owned by creative, fun, and dynamic families beforehand.

Having said that, our role at Kids O`Clock is to build a community of trustworthy parents and families. Some items are checked thoroughly before being live, some are directly uploaded by sellers. In both cases, we are not responsible for any items received that are not compliant to terms and conditions. 

I am a retail store/brand, how can we partner?

We’d love to collaborate! Reach out to us on to discuss opportunities to partner together.

Orders and payments:

What are the fees?

Kids O'Clock takes 30% from each sale made on the website.

Any items that are sent to The Drop Off are, in effect, ‘donated’. Therefore, Kids O’Clock will receive 100% of the sale made from each item. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa and Apple Pay.

​​Can I cancel or modify the order?

If you wish to cancel your order, you must do this within 24 hours of placing the order.

For any modifications, please contact us on


What is your returns policy?

Kids O'Clock doesn't accept returns. 

However, you are entitled to resell your item within one week of purchasing. Kids O'Clock will not take any fee for the reselling of the item(s).

Shipping & Delivery:

What shipping options are available and what are the shipping fees?

Shipping fees will depend on each seller's preferences, which can be discussed between the buyer and seller while finalising the transaction. Stock owned by Kids O'Clock will be sent by regular mail, unless asked otherwise.

What countries do you deliver to?

The choice to deliver to specific countries will depend on each seller, so make sure you get in touch with the seller of an item you like to ensure they are willing to ship the item to your location! Any Golden Kids items are delivered to the UK, Europe and to the US. We have a warehouse in Europe which makes this possible!

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